Using Kubernetes, Helm and Deis Workflow at Clearbit

In this episode of The New Stack Makers podcast, I will go over my experience of using Kubernetes, Helm and Deis Workflow at Clearbit.


1:10: Dev staging and production clusters moved to Kubernetes.
3:05: The creation of Helm and Rima’s background in Kubernetes.
4:35: Using Deis Workflow PaaS at Clearbit.
6:00: Deis Workflow makes Kubernetes easier for developers.
8:25: Clearbit’s roots are in containers.
10:00: Getting Kubernetes running on AWS was the biggest operational challenge.
13:34: Peak time traffic management at Clearbit.
15:10: The appeal of Kubernetes self-healing for Operations.
16:10: Kubernetes is continuing to mature as a solution.
18:50: Looking forward to Kubernetes 1.6 and CoreOS rkt runtime support.